You can sponsor OWL’s efforts by becoming a member of our Council of Champions.

As a Champion, you demonstrate support for the quality of life of women 40+ – and for OWL’s nonpartisan, civil approach to problem-solving.  It provides a public way to show your commitment to not only today’s women, but also the millions more who will continue to expand this constituency. 

Membership in the Council of Champions also provides you an opportunity to contribute your voice to the formation of reasoned, sound policy. Your brand and message will be amplified when we feature you in select OWL materials and events.

When you become a Champion of OWL, and of the women on whose behalf we speak, you’re partnering with a well-respected organization which understands that all sectors of society – political, philanthropic, and corporate – play valuable roles in the civic discourse, and that we are most successful when we work together.

To learn more about our Council of Champions, please click here.

To speak with an OWL representative about joining the Council, please contact us at 202-567-2606.