Retirement Security

Because women frequently take time away from the workforce to serve as caregivers, their contributions to Social Security and private retirement funds may not be as large as those of men. This is amplified by a persistent wage disparity. OWL advocates for policy changes that reflect the true value of women’s work. This includes Social Security and tax credits for caregiving

OWL is opposed to any reductions in Social Security. The program does not contribute to the deficit; it should not be cut to reduce the deficit. We further oppose reductions to the Social Security Administration’s operating budget, recognizing the potential to adversely affect thousands of American workers and retirees.  Any such reduction in funding would contribute to a backlog of cases and could delay retirees’ hard earned benefits.

OWL recognizes the importance of planning for one’s retirement, and works to educate women regarding the public and private opportunities available to them. We also alert women to fraud that may jeopardize retirement savings.