Brinegar with Shriver

OWL Executive Director Bobbie Brinegar with Maria Shriver

Brinegar with Wynn-Dixon

Bobbie Brinegar with Evelyn Wynn-Dixon, Mayor of Riverdale, GA

Mother's Day 2012

OWL’s Annual Mother’s Day Briefing

OWL Staff at White House
OWL Staff attending White House reception

No to Chained cpi
Rallying Against Chained CPI on Capitol Hill

Delores Huerta
OWL Executive Director Bobbie Brinegar with Delores Huerta, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient

Jason Furman at Mother's Day Briefing
Jason Furman speaking at the 2012 Mother’s Day Briefing

OWL Executive Director, Bobbie Brinegar Celebrating Christmas at the White House

OWL visits NYC
OWL President and Executive Director Visit NYC Chapter Leaders

Youngest OWL
OWL’s Youngest Member

Rose Garden American Jobs Act Event

On September 12, OWL’s Bobbie Brineger, Executive Director, and Camille Browne attended President Obama’s speech on the American Jobs Act. See the photos here.

Mother's Day Briefing 2011

In spring of 2011, OWL held a briefing on the Hill to roll out the 2011 Mother’s Day Campaign. View the photos here.