Mother’s Day 2015 Sponsorship Information

The Power of Encore Entrepreneurship

Did you know that women are starting more than 1,200 new businesses a day – double the rate from three years ago? That people over 55 are almost twice as likely to found successful companies as those between ages 20-34? Or that accelerating women’s entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect on the U.S. economy as the large-scale entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century?

This is cause for celebration, and OWL is doing just that with its 2015 Mother’s Day Report, “Our Women Mean Business: Encore Careers After 40.” The report will be released at a briefing May 6 at the National Press Club in D.C.; these briefings are routinely attended by senior policy makers, media and philanthropic leaders.  We invite you to be a sponsor of what we know will be an exciting event.

OWL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses solely on the economic security and quality of life for the nation’s fastest growing demographic: the 78 million women over 40.  We know that when more women succeed in business, it benefits us all.  We also know that ‘you have to see it to be it.’

That’s why, for the first time, our report includes a Hall of Notables. These honorees include Vernice Armour, the first African American female combat pilot, who now runs a successful consulting business; Zelda Wisdom, Inc. Founder Carol Gardner; Nell Merlino, creator of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence; Jeanne Sullivan, a founding principal of StarVest, who was recently cited by Forbes magazine as one of the “Women Changing the World”; award-winning author Gail Sheehy; USA Network founder Kay Koplovitz; and Ms. Foundation CEO Teresa Younger.

Please join us in honoring these women and what they represent. What better way to endorse the power of encore entrepreneurship than as a sponsor?

OWL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.