Mother’s Day Report

OWL’s Annual Mother’s Day Campaigns & Reports

Each year, OWL focuses on an issue of particular importance to the nation’s midlife and older women. The topic receives particular emphasis with the unveiling of our Mother’s Day Report at a briefing in May. 

In 2014, our emphasis is on identifying ways to repair America’s broken long-term care system.

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Long-Term Care: Managing Our Future

Keep Calm and Manage Your FutureOWL’s 2014 Mother’s Day report examines the issue of long-term care, because of its urgency and importance to the well-being of all Americans. The problems associated with long-term care are only becoming more acute as an unprecedented demographic shift takes place in a nation that is still struggling with the ability to provide basic health care to its residents.

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In the Arena:
How Women and Girls Change the World

MD_2013_CoverIn 2013, our focus was advocacy in the 21st century, showcasing efficient and effective models of civic engagement, particularly those led by women.  The report examined how unusual partnerships and communications can increase participation, break policy logjams and change the tone of debates.

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Women and the Workforce:
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Women as They Age

MDR2012This year’s report looks at how factors such as unemployment and underemployment, pay inequality, caregiving, age and gender discrimination, and education, training, and technology are impacting women age 40 and older. The report highlights existing programs that produce real results and offer innovative solutions and policy-driven recommendations to expand economic diversity and accelerate our nation’s productivity.

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Past Issues

The Affordable Health Care Act:
The American Version of Health Care for All

Mothers Day Report 2011Health care for all is a women’s issue, and now that the Affordable Care Act (ACA)is enacted, OWL will devote its health advocacy work to educating women and their families, and working
against forces that wish to roll it back or refuse to fund it. OWL’s 2011 Mother’s Day report outlines the Affordable Care Act provisions that will affect the lives of 74 million women over the age of 40 – 24% of the U.S. population – and proposes recommendations on ways that the ACA can be strengthened.

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End-of-Life Choices: Who Decides
2010 Mothers Day ReportIn the past two decades there has been a campaign to improve the quality of the end-of-life experience and to educate Americans about choices at the end of life. Most people’s preference is to die at home. And, the Last Acts campaign believes that respecting the dying person’s wishes about where death occurs is an indicator of the overall quality of end-of-life care. Despite that, the percentage of people who die in hospitals and, increasingly, nursing homes continues to be high. This report is designed to educate and foster dialogue about these important issues and help you decide for yourself what action you will take to improve end-of-life care for your family, your neighbors and all of our brothers and sisters around the nation.

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Elder Abuse: A Women’s Issue
2009 Mother's Day ReportElder abuse is a topic that is difficult to talk about and frequently a part of too many women’s lives. Elder abuse is a term that encompasses a wide-reaching set of behaviors towards elders that are designed to diminish them and, in too many cases, physically harm them. Women are more likely to suffer the pain and turmoil of elder abuse than are men. We dedicated the 2009 Mother’s Day report to this important topic and hope that you will feel as strongly as we do that it is time to put an end to elder abuse and will stand with us to work for women’s dignity and independence every day of their lives.

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2008 Addendum to 2007
Give’em Health, Revisited: Medicare-For-All (Addendum)
Mothers Day Report 2008

The economic slowdown has swelled the ranks of people without health insurance. But now it is also threatening millions of people who have insurance but find that the coverage is too limited or that they cannot afford their own share of medical costs. Many of the 158 million people covered by employer health insurance are struggling to meet medical expenses that are much higher than they used to be – often because of some combination of higher premiums, less extensive coverage, and bigger out-of-pocket deductibles and co-payments.

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Give ‘Em Health Revisited: Medicare for All
Mothers Day report 2007

OWL, the voice of midlife and older women, each year welcomes Mother’s Day as an important opportunity to highlight issues of great concern to women, families, and our country. This year we focus our attention on the national crisis created by our current health care system. As you will read in this report, the statistics on coverage, cost, and access are startling and reflect one of the most important challenges we now face as a nation.

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Women and Long-Term Care:
Where Will I Live, and Who Will Take Care of Me?
Mothers Day Report 2006

Every year, OWL welcomes Mother’s Day as an opportunity to direct attention to issues of great concern to midlife and older women. Few issues fit this description better than long-term care, which shapes the lives of women in so many ways. The U.S. long-term care system brings together three of OWL’s core constituencies: long-term care recipients; their family members and friends, who provide informal caregiving services; and direct-care workers, who provide paid services in communities and long-term care facilities. A majority of each of these groups is women. Clearly, despite increasing participation by men in the work of providing care, long-term care remains a women’s issue

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