OWL’s Mission

Founded in 1980 as The Older Women’s League, OWL is a national grassroots membership organization that focuses solely on issues unique to women as they age.  OWL strives to improve the status and quality of life for midlife and older women. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that accomplishes its work through research, education, and advocacy activities conducted through a chapter network. Now in its 30th year, OWL provides a strong and effective voice for the more than 70 million women age 40 and over in America.

 Education and Advocacy

OWL has created a powerful and effective grassroots network of chapters nationwide composed of women and men of all ages dedicated to winning economic security, health and social equity for midlife and older women. OWL leaders and members undertake public education and advocacy campaigns, and work through forums and coalitions to put issues in the public spotlight and on the legislative agenda.

OWL Member, Ruth Nadel talking with First Lady Michelle Obama

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaking at OWL’s Mother’s Day Briefing at the Capitol

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OWL President Margaret Hellie Huyck speaking at OWL’s Mother’s Day Briefing at the Capitol

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